Sweet Bernardine

A collection of personal stories and stories of California and beyond, Sweet Bernardine may be Shea’s most compelling album yet. The arrangements are spare and simple, based on acoustic guitar, mandolin, accordion and drums, although Shea does pull out the telecaster on a few.


RICK SHEA/Sweet Bernardine  
If your tastes run toward hard working, literate, back 40 folkies like Tom Russell, Chuck Pyle, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and others like that, Shea is sure to be another that you're going to dig. With a very personal edge to his writing and singing, this is classic folkie/troubadour stuff that cuts right to the chase and delivers moves that others can only turn into clichés.  Check it out, it's the real deal. 
– Chris Spector 

..halfway between the madness of metropolis and the serenity of nowhere.. Shea's not only one of those California/SouthWest people, he's their emotional and psychological cartographer.. prepare to have your heart torn out.. 
Mark S.Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange FAME

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